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My many married ancestors/their many married spouses.

my dad’s grandmother Sarah Cummings (Nicholson) married 1)Bergen Puckett, 2)Edward Palmer, and a surprise to my dad and I, 3)Burr Kithcart.  I need to find the marriage and divorce for Puckett and Nicholson.   I sent for her death certificate and I didn’t have her death surname.  I had the death date and location so they sent it to me.

To do:  I need to figure out which Burr Kithcart in that area she married. There were 2 or 3.  One choice is a bachelor in every census.  The other had been married once.  I don’t have an exact date, but they weren’t together in 1930.  She died in 1933.

If I didn’t confuse myself I have Wm. Burr Kithcart also married Juanita Turley.

Burgin “Bert”Puckett also married Juanita /Junaeta “Juna” l. Turley.  Juanita had 2 children with Puckett.   Juanita also married James Howard Johnson and had 9 kids with him.  .A lady named Jessie (?) married Bergen Puckett and Alex G. Thompson.  I assume there was a divorce but I don’t know when Jessie died.  She was Jessie Puckett when she married Alex.  Alex was a widower.   D-11, 21, 22  see sheet 1. Alex seems to have had a son with his first wife of William.  His first wife seems to be Alice M Hockridge.  Alex and Jessie seem to have had two children Aletus Fern, adopted daughter and Charles R. Puckett, stepson living with them.  .Did Jessie have a son Roy Burch?

Did Burgin marry Constant E. Kewney?

and Sarah had one son with Puckett:  Roy, or Samuel LeRoy Puckett.  She had one son  with Bert Puckett Lloyd D. Puckett.

Sarah Charles R, Stepson.  d 4 children that lived to maturity.  2 died as infants or babies.

(my direct lines are in bold and italics.)

to complicate matters, Bergen “Bert” Puckett married several times.  And those wives were married before.  Bergen Puckett also married Thankful Daisy Raymo.  Daisy had prior been married to Joseph Addison Stanley and had 3 children with Joseph.

so instead of 1 marriage or 2-4 I have a possibility of 14 marriages and numerous children.  see above D-22, first document.


Archibald Buchanan Hill married 1)Rhoda Jane Salyer.  After Rhoda died, he married 2) Martha Jane (McElhaney) Hailey Haley Griffith.  This was her 4th and final marriage records.  Those husbands married other wives also.

Martha Jane McElhaney married 1) Nathan Loid Haley.  I don’t have any other marriages for Nathan.  They had 13 kids together, 13 in total.

Martha married 22)Wm. Cook Haley.  This May have ended in death or divorce?

Martha married 3)James Griffith as Martha J. Haley. is a Griffith, widowed in 1910 Census.  Presumably her 2 children are with her.  Mary Griffith age 19 b Kansas and Sinda Haley.  Martha is a Haley in the 1900 census widowed.

Martha married William Cook Haley.  Wm. Cook married 1) Margret Montrey (Virden).   They had 6 children together, 2 died as infants..


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Nancy (Morris) Clark McGowan/McGowen Helton

Nancy was born about 1812 in Tennessee.  She died in May 1880 in White Co., Tennessee.

Her first husband was Joseph W Clark.  They married in 1829.

They had a daughter Elizabeth Clark born in 1830.


Her second husband was James McGowan/McGowen.
They were married in 1833.  They had 2 children Roxie or Roxana McGowen

and Ozias Denton McGowen.  He was born in 1835 and died on October 8, 1862 in Perryville, Boyle, KY.    He died during the Civil War.


Nancy married Riley Leroy Helton in White (Co TN) on November 16, 1845.

They had the following children:  William Riley Helton

James M Helton I believe he died during the Civil War and she received a pension for him?

Lawson C. Helton

Lucinda Helton

Christopher Columbus “Lum” Helton

Edward C “Ned” Helton

Martha M Helton

Leroy C. Helton

I would like to know where she is buried.

She must have been a strong woman to survive the death of her children in the Civil War.  I wonder if she was sweet or beaten down by the hardships of her life.


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Riley “Leroy” Helton 1811-1892

He was in the Confederacy.  It must have been good for him as his age lessened as time passed, but I guess it caught up to him as they let him go because of his advanced age.

Leroy was born 1811 in Sparta, White Co., TN.

He died on July 9, 1892 in Dibrell, Warren, TN.

I went to Dibrell and found a cemetery but didn’t see him in it.  Well, you know what I mean, his tombstone.

Perhaps he died on his property and was buried there.  I even harassed some natives and asked them if there were any Heltons around town nowadays.

They said no.  I think I said Heltons.

I remember seeing Helton streets and a Helton Church, but I couldn’t find anyone home who knew who they were named after.

Leroy married Nancy (Morris) Clark McGowan or McGowen.


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Lucinda (Tucker) Hill born 1823 TN died June 1880 Tahlequah, OK?

Lucinda Tucker was the Daughter of Anna (James) Tucker and William Tucker.

A picture of her is on

She and William and children lived in Madison Co, AR.

She had a lot of children including Archibald Buchanan Hill who lived from 1847 to 1926

and Lafayette Hill who lived from 1862-1917.

Her husband was a POW and died in Alton IL as a POW on January 30, 1865.  She appeared in court on June 17, 1893.   I don’t know where she died nor when.  Not even if it was in OK or AR.

Mystery woman #1.

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Long Beach Civil War Reenactment July 22, 2012

Jefferson Davis And Abraham Lincoln showed up.  We missed you!  Maybe you were smart, hanging out by the air conditioner or bobbing in a swimming pool.

Attendance was very low so some are feeling this may be the last one at Long Beach?

The weather was warm.  Not sure how humid it was?

There were plenty of reenactors and some sutlers (period stores where you can buy clothes and uniforms, etc.)

I brought blueberry muffins with a nice struesel topping and peanut butter cookies (they may have called them goober pea butter cookies back then).

Lots of people wore period costumes.

The muskets and cannons fired.  The stretcher bearers were on hand if need be. 

There were lots of nice horses.

Are you sorry you didn’t come out yet?

The Muffin Lady



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George and Maria (Scriven) Mantle and son David Mantle

George and Maria Scriven Mantle were members of the Reformed LDS Church.

They sailed on a sailboat named the Sailor Prince from England to New Orleans.  I believe it took 3 months.  One time on the voyage they couldn’t find David.  Think he was about 7. years old.  They finally found him climbing the mast or rigging.

They were coal miners in England and wanted to get out of that business so they came to America.  But they did what they knew for awhile in America too.  They were coal miners in St. Louis.

They lived near Linn, Osage Co., MO.  Maria was a midwife.

I understand they were buried on their farm and had a nice wrought iron fence around their graves.  The land was sold out of the family.  Down came the fence, the stones were tossed aside as rubbish.

David was a teacher.

I have the ship list.  The Sailor Prince sailed twice.  Bug me if you need the date.  I’ll post it here soon hopefully.  And give you the port from England too.

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